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The Hapro Seecret® C700 experience allows you to recapture your youth. It contains all the advantages of the vitalising light treatment and the effective Hapro Seecret® skin regeneration product. The Hapro Seecret® C700 architecture visually underlines the promise of a refined wellness ambience. It breaks new ground in terms of the Seecret® experience and the Seecret® result: immerse yourself in the Seecret® culture. The Hapro Seecret® C700 is equipped with 38 or 34 tubes for the most effective skin vitalization treatment. It provides pure indulgence with all the enticing comforts of Seecret® : the cosy, ergonomically shaped ContourPlus bed surface, the quiet, relaxing sound of the intelligent ventilation and the new, easy to use full colour display with smart touch control. The perfect sound experience via the surround sound system, the special fragrance provided by the Xsens aroma system and the integrated voice-controlled menu navigation. That is all-inclusive Seecret® comfort, vitalization culture that customers want.


The additional accent collagen lights, which visibly amplify the skin rejuvenation effect in the head area and on the hands, are unique. The sensitive face and neck areas are more toned, small lines disappear, deeper contours and wrinkles on the entire body are reduced in a targeted manner.



Hapro Seecret® C700
Typ C700 – 38 20 C700 – 34 14
Seecret® collagen tubes XL 38 x 120 W 34 x 120 W
Seecret® accent light tubes 20 x 25 W 14 x 25 W
ContourPlus (ergonomic bed) Standard Standard
8 steps adjustable body cooling Standard Standard
8 steps adjustable face cooling Standard Standard
Welltherm heating comfort¹ Optional Optional
SoundAround Plus² Optional Optional
Xsens I³ Optional Optional
Xsens III³ Optional Optional
Full colour display Standard Standard
Smart touch control Standard Standard
Easylift acrylic system bench Standard Standard
Front Panel Easy Move Standard Standard
Quickstart function Standard Standard
Programmable internal timer Standard Standard
Connection for external timer Standard Standard
One hour counter non-resetable Standard Standard
Two hour counters resetable Standard Standard
Connection 400V/3N~PE/50Hz 400V/3N~PE/50Hz
Power Ca. 5,4 kW Ca. 4,8 kW
Fuses 3 x 16 A 3 x 16 A
Weight 380 kg 365 kg

¹ This option cannot be combined with Xsens I or III
² Including My MP3, Smartvoice, 4 external music channels, 4 loudspeakers, subwoofer and SD cards for 2 internal music channels (relax music, energetic music or program your own music).
³ This option cannot be combined with Welltherm.

.Download: Sell Sheet PDF


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