6th Sense- Simply Wonderful Bronzer



6th Sense

Simply Wonderful Bronzer

Available sizes:
200ml / 15ml

The young line from Tannymaxx for beautiful deep tanning and smooth skin. The tropical ingredients pamper your skin and give you a beautiful and exotic tan.



Ocean Breeze


For sun and solarium
The Tannymaxx 6th Sense product line is characterized by its
versatility. No matter the reason, every woman, who loves a sunbath,
will be guaranteed to return to at least one of the three products of this
skin care line. If you want to get brown quickly during your sunbath,
you will definitely find the right product with the 6th Sense
line. Intensive self-tanning agents ensure a tan without the sun
and the tanning lotions allow the skin to brown quickly in the sun
or during a sunbath at the solarium. Different fragrances highlight
the flexible character of these unique body lotions, which take you on a
trip from tropical Jamaica through a lush melon plantation to a simply
wonderful relaxing moment.
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