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Hapro Foldable Home Tanning- HB8565

Ultimate relaxation… Hapro Innergize offers you a true wellness experience within the privacy of your own home! Hapro Innergize is a full body wellness solarium, which combines infra red light with a balanced and gentle amount of UV light.

The perfect couple: infra red & UV
The infra red wavelengths take care of sublime and intense warmth for muscles and joints. UV light creates a beautiful tan
and stimulates the natural production of Vitamin D.

In addition to your wellness
All these positive benefits are surrounded with extra wellness features. Four relaxing wellness sounds,
the aroma of your choice, radio, snooze function and a MP3 socket are at your service. You can
enjoy the infra red light at the same time as the UV or just select infra red.

Easy to use, very compact
Hapro Innergize is very compact and user friendly. Within 10 seconds
this wellness solarium is put in position and ready for use. After
your wellness session you can put it away just as easily.

HB 8565


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